Building my Patreon, recording a live video for Pride Fest, and working on an album

Hey all,

 I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. I've been hard at work getting my Patreon up and running, figuring out different Patron tiers, etc. I'll hopefully be launching it within the next week or two and get the ball rolling with various lessons on stick control, training your ear for better transcriptions, concepts for building chops, and more. I've got a lot of ideas that I can't wait to share with you all.

A couple weeks ago, I recorded a live performance video for the Minneapolis Pride Fest with the band Runaway Ricochet which should be releasing in the coming weeks. If you're into ska and punk-rock, you'll definitely have some fun with this videos. I also have some drum cam footage from the recording session if you guys are interesting in checking that out, just let me know and I'll upload it. 

Finally, my band Crushed Into Place has been hard at work trying to wrap up writing for our debut album. The pandemic has made rehearsals hard, but we're on the last few songs and then we'll be able to get into the studio and hammer out the tracking process. We're particularly excited about these last few songs and are super excited to release them and start performing them live. 

Thanks for checking in, and take care!
More news coming soon.


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